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Interviewed by Shyamal Sinha

Buddhacharan bc Ashram Chiang Mai Thailand

Luckily Guruji participated world culture festival organised by AOL 35 yrs of service to humanity held on 11th March to 13 th March
New Delhi He basically appreciated sri sri good effort who inspired millions around the world with a vision of a stress free,violence free world.with the world culture festival sri sri said we hope to foster deeper understanding between people of diiferent faith ,nationalities ,and backgrounds.Guruji from ashram chiang mai ,feel very happy to see the rich cultural  tradition of dance ,music and art from around the world as well as  yoga ,this kind of festival will be a unique platform for spiritual and religious gurus ,politicians ,peacemakers ,and artist to spread the message of global peace and harmony in diversity.Even guru ji from chiang mai happy to see the big gathering where everyone feels  unite as one big family “vasudhaiva kutumbkam”.Guruji from ashram chiang mai gave full credit to sri sri for his philosophy of peace unless we have a stress free mind and a violence free society we cannot achieve world peace .some important facts guruji cant forget over 33,000 people performed at the festival in 3 days,the grand musical symphony 40 instruments played together ,world largest stage approx. 7 acres area,more than 20,000 intl guests from different countries,it looks like where ever you see spring season welcoming everbody with wide smile on their face if we say:’ sarvam priyam charutaram vasante “fully applicable there in that world culture festival.