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True happiness is the peaceful mind


Ajahn Kalyano advises that we can recollect the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha to enable our minds to quickly let go of any negativity that arises.

By  —  Shyamal Sinha

Nalandians were honoured to welcome Ajahn Kalyano back to Nalanda Centre for a Dhamma teaching.  Ajahn talked about how lay devotees can achieve a peaceful mind through integrating Dhamma into our daily lives.  The practice of Dhamma is to understand the truth.  When we pay attention to the present moment, we will find that we are not deluded, tricked or fooled by our own thoughts, wrong views and mistaken opinions.

Thoughts are the creation of our own minds and can cause us stress.  Every time our thoughts wander, we should stop their proliferation by focusing on the present moment.  As we pay attention to the present moment and see the truth of the way things are, we can then understand that the ‘highs and lows’ we face are a part of life.

Nalanda founder Bro. Tan and Nalandians welcoming Ajahn Kalyano at K. Sri Dhammananda Centre.

Devotees respectfully receive Ajahn Kalyano at the Main Shrine Hall of Nalanda Centre.

“The goal of a Buddhist is to develop a peaceful mind, because that is the highest happiness.”

Ajahn reminding devotees that Dhamma is all around us, not bound by time and space.

Bro. Tan thanking Ajahn Kalyano for coming back to visit us at Nalanda Centre, and hopes that he will return again when he is in Malaysia.

Nalandians sending off Ajahn Kalyano with deep respect and gratitude.

Ajahn advised us to try and consistently use a specific way to bring our mind to the present moment, such as mindfulness of breathing, loving-kindness (mettā) or recollection of the Buddha.  We can also start our day with meditation and chanting, to bring the teachings into own hearts, and into our daily lives.  We thank Ajahn Kalyano for his inspiring teaching and wish him good health and peace.

source —  Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia