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just to keep fit by yoga practices


drYogacharya Dr.Dayashankar Vidyalankar poularly known as Mini Atal ,advisor to ayush ministry ,also attached to iccr ,MEA Govt.Of India suggested some valuable talk with our chief reporter ,shyamal sinha at IIC New Delhi.He emphasised yoga is derived of the word yoke which means union of body ,mind soul,and environment.it is a way of life which endows perfect health thereby enhancing physical ,mental ,social,spiritual and environment well being.He told there are eight limbs of yoga ,which are ;

1 – YAMA ,Restraints or do”s and don”ts

2 – NIYAMA,Self Discipline

3 -ASANA ,Postures

4 – PRANAYAMA,Breathing Exercises

5 -PRATIYAHARA,Contemplation

6- DHARANA,Concentration

7 -DHAYANA,Meditation

8 – SAMADHI,Transcend

out of these yama and niyama plays a vital role among all.

Globally , people are practicing Yoga religiously to reap in the health benefits that come along with it. In fact, June 21  is celebrated as International Yoga Day to celebrate the healing power of Yoga therapy.

Each yoga posture is derived from an animal position. As Bhujangasana makes you rise like a snake and Mayurasana makes you feel like a peacock, practicing yoga everyday can help you bend with complete ease in any posture.With each yoga posture, energy and blood circulates all over the body. By doing Shavasanaat the end of the yoga session, your body relaxes and blood pressure reaches its normal. Thus, yoga is must for blood pressure patients.Regular yoga practice improves the immune system. It not only increases oxygen level in the body, but also increases oxytocin, which are the happy hormones and therefore, you feel more positive and relaxed after a session of yoga. Have you seen people laughing out loud in the park while doing Hasyayoga? It is the best way to get away from a pensive mood.On your yoga day, you are bound to get a goodnight’s sleep. That’s because yoga will help you format your mind from all the unwanted thoughts and cleanses your body from all the junk consumed. By doing Shashankasana at night, one can cure insomnia.Ultimate relaxation exercise, yoga soothes both mind and body. With Shavasana, you simply lie down and relax. It calms you and makes you forget the hustle and bustle of your busy lifestyle. Regular Pranayam could relieve depression and anxiety and cure all mental ailments.Apart from these Dr.Dayashankar Vidyalankar ji associated with advisory committee with Indian Railway,member national commitee BJP ,member state working committee BJP ,Uttarakhand,also founder of patanjali vednidam yoga sansthan.