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The donation of the blood plasma from HWPL is a great sacrifice”, the messages sent  by Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, the founder of City Montessori School

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Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, Founder of City Montessori School(CMS)

City Montessori School (CMS), the world’s largest school by Guinness Book of World Records, founded in 1959 in Lucknow, India. Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, the founder of CMS announced a statement after hearing about voluntary donation of plasma of 4,000 recovered members of HWPL from COVID-19 in South Korea. He sent a message, “This is a great sacrifice of HWPL Members, l am so grateful for your donation of the blood plasma.”

On 16th July, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi also leaves a message that, “Observing the efforts of his organization closely I can firmly state that Chairman of HWPL is a humanitarian soul with utmost integrity who feels for fraternity and brotherhood across borders. This is palpable in his actions after the unfortunate event, when on his recommendation for the donation of ‘Blood Plasma’ from the members who had recovered from COVID-19, the 4,000 HWPL members voluntarily willing to donate their blood plasma. It can be valued up to $83 Billion. This led to an organization that contributed the largest number of plasma ever.”

He stated, “I appreciate this generous attitude of Chairman Lee and HWPL and this should be a shining example for other organization to follow. I request the South Korean Government to drop the charges against Chairman Lee and instead commend his selfless spirit and his donation of ‘Blood Plasma’- though members of HWPL”

Otherwise, HWPL is the international peace organization based in South Korea, which is working for leaving peace legacy to the future generation through peace education and the religious harmony through interfaith dialogue. In 2018, CMS has signed MOU with HWPL Peace Education Initiative for the amelioration of the humanity and the spread of peace culture. On 11th July, furthermore, religious leaders from Hinduism, Bahaism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, the Catholic Church had inter-religious dialogue conference with each scripture.