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Shahnaz Hussain’s tips on enhancing beauty with Yoga



buddhist-shahnazYoga for beauty can help you to look young and beautiful well into old age. Face is the index of mind, good texture of skin and health of your hairs are an indication of your physical and mental health.

Yoga, for ages, has been a very relevant part of our lifestyle, in terms of both health and beauty. Hence this Yoga Day, ace beauty expert Shahnaz Husain has shared her Ayurvedic principles of holistic health.

“One of the asanas that is necessary for beautiful skin and hair is ‘Pranayam.’ It helps to reduce stress, increase oxygenation and improve blood circulation. Some of the other asanas that help beauty are ‘Uttanasana,’ ‘Utkatasana,’ ‘Shirshana’ and ‘Halasana.’ ‘Surya namaskar’ is most beneficial,” she said.

The appeal of Yoga lies in the fact that it increases vitality, tones the internal organs, stimulates the nerve centres, relieves stress and clears the mind.

“Yoga improves blood circulation, including the circulation of blood to the skin surface. This is so important for the good health of the skin, as it helps to supply essential nutrients to the skin. It also promotes the removal of toxins through the skin. This is so important, specially in cases of skin congestion. It tones the skin, improves oxygenation to the skin, imparts a beautiful glow and keeps the skin youthful and free from problems. The same goes for the hair. Yoga helps to promote blood circulation and oxygenation to the scalp and hair follicles. This helps to supply nutrients in the blood stream to the hair follicles. It promotes hair growth and keeps the scalp healthy,” stated the beautician.

“This is so important for beauty, because feeling good is an integral part of looking good,” she added.

According to Hussain, beauty gets enhanced with a good torso, giving it suppleness, good posture and grace. Hence she feels, exercise is a potent remedy for pre-mature aging, not only because it strengthens the body, but also keeps it looking trim and fit.

“The yogic asanas are designed to keep the spine and joints flexible and supple. They make the body strong and agile, tone the muscles, improves blood circulation, imparts vitality and enhances both beauty and good health,” she said.

With Yogic asanas, diet too plays a key role to beauty enhancement. Ancient sages of this country placed a high value on natural foods like fresh fruits and vegetable juices which helped to detoxify body.

“Fresh fruits, raw salads, sprouted cereals and ‘dals,’ unprocessed and unrefined wheat and rice, nuts (unsalted), seeds and yogurt come under the category of natural foods. They should form a major part of the daily diet, cutting down on refined sugars and fats,” Hussain said.

“Reduce your intake of fats, sugar and red meats. Increase your intake of wholegrains, eliminating refined cereals and flours,” she advised.

The beauty expert further said, “for a flawless skin, shiny hair and a slim, graceful figure, make yoga a part of your daily life.” Beauty is gift of god. However, you can try yoga for beauty to improve or preserve what god has given you.

By -Shyamal Sinha,New Delhi