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Cleans The Lens of your Mind, 3 RD Part continued


Since fear steals our peace and

happiness. Fearlessness is thus peace.

For our meditation on the emptiness of feelings, we can reverse the four lines in the Heart Sutra

as following:

Feeling is empty;

Emptiness is feeling;

There is no emptiness other than feelings;

There is no feeling other than emptiness.

Daily meditation on the emptiness of form or feeling will leave a deep effect on our mind. For

simple steps to meditation on emptiness, please turn to Staircase to Emptiness (contact:


The following line which is found in Heart Sutra bears a great message for us to reflect on:

Tatya tha gatay gatay paragatay parasamgatay bodhi svaha

The literal translation of the line is as follows:

This is thus: go, go, go beyond, go still beyond, establish the Enlightenment.

The meaning of the mantra is follows:

The five segments in the line indicate the five stages of the path to enlightenment.

While reciting the line, one should remind oneself of the fact that this line is exhorting us not to

remain in samsara any more. It advices us to concertedly progress along the five paths to

enlightenment through the insight into the ultimate reality which is the dreamlike nature of all


Doing this practice consistently with some degree of experience of emptiness or dreamlike

nature, be it a modicum of insight, , will leave a deep impact on your mind. One will literally feel

goose bumps on your body. The mind becomes cool, stable and not vulnerable to external

disturbing conditions.

Realizing the means to cleans the mind as indicated above to experience the world in its most

perfect form, with the compassionate awareness that all beings have the same potential to

unravel this treasure of happiness, one shares this secret with all sentient beings for their perfect