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Chiwda dahi, better than packaged cereal

Chiwda dahi, better than packaged cereal

This cereal is real and natural, made without any chemical intervention. Chiwda dahi can be made by just mixing the ingredients instantly and we have an option of making it sweet or savoury. Chiwda is the flattened rice flakes that are made after parboiling the paddy grains of the fresh crop and then pounding them to make flakes. The flakes are then dried before packaging. The same chiwda is also known as poha in Maharashtra, cheere in Bengal and Assam, atukulu in Andhra Pradesh and aval in Tamil Nadu.

Flattened rice is consumed with home-made cultured yogurt almost all over India in different forms, although this is one rice product that is used in various other ways as well. Some like the chiwda dahi sweet and some like it savoury and spicy, some people make it richer by adding nuts, making this popular choice a little more versatile every day.
The chiwda comes in various qualities, made from red rice or aromatic rice or any other local variety of rice. For making chiwda dahi, a slightly thicker variety of chiwda is preferred as it retains its bite after getting soaked with yogurt.