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Chili Art Gallery in Athens to Host Tibetan Dance Video Installation and Photo Exhibition


By Press Office

The chili art gallery in Athens will host Meditation in Motion, a photographic exhibition and video installation exploring the world of Tibetan Dance, curated by the Museum of Asian Art and Culture of Arcidosso in Italy.

The exhibition, Meditation in Motion, has been planned specifically to enrich the dance-related research being presented at the CID Congress on Dance Research, being held at the Dora Stratou Theatre, creating a cultural context for the performances of the modern Tibetan dancers from the Khaita: Joyful Dances Project.

When and where

Chili Art Gallery
Dimofontos 13-15,
Thissio 11851, Athens
Tel: +30 210729564

8–14 July 2017

Meditation in Motion will be inaugurated at 19:00 on 8 July. The Chili Art Gallery is a 10-minute walk or five-minute taxi ride from the Dora Stratou Theatre in Athens, Greece.

About the exhibition

Life is movement and all phenomena around us are in constant motion. This unceasing movement is a dance, the dance of reality. In Tibet, dance is also seen as a bridge to another dimension, to a deeper state of mind and awareness, into which the dancers transport themselves, together with all around them.

In the Tibetan sacred dance, Cham, our ordinary conception of place is transformed into a space of pure existence: “the great mandala of action,” establishing a new balance and restoring order to the universe. Dancers become deities and the consecrated space becomes the mandala of their abode. Through dance, the mandala becomes alive and the presence of the divine is re-established: transforming place, participants, and spectators.

The exhibition Meditation in Motion features photographs by world-renowned dance photographer Herbert Migdoll from the Joffrey Ballet and his recent field research in Bhutan with Core of Culture, traditional Cham masks and costumes from Bhutan, and video installations featuring both traditional Tibetan folk dances and secret Tibetan sacred dances never before presented to the public.