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Canada-based Chinese organisations issue joint statement supporting the Dalai Lama’s authority over reincarnation, criticizes Chinese interference

 By Bureau Reporter
Representative Ngodup Tsering, Office of Tibet, Washington DC addressing over 60 Chinese scholars, activists, and youth at the “Canada Sino-Tibet Dialogue” organized by the OOT at Canada Tibetan Culture Center in Toronto, Canada, 29 November 2019.

Toronto: Canada-based Chinese organizations issued a joint statement issued protesting against the Chinese Communist Party’s interference with His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s reincarnation at an outreach event organized by the Office of Tibet, Washington DC. On 29 November, the Office of Tibet, DC organized a Chinese outreach event titled “Canada Sino-Tibet Dialogue” during which Representative Ngodup Tsering met with over 60 Chinese scholars, activists, and youth at the Canada Tibetan Culture Center in Toronto, Canada.

Around 60 Chinese people joined this gathering to represent various Chinese overseas organizations such as China Democratic Party of Canada, Canada based Federation for A Democratic China, Canada Hong Kong Link, and New Hong Kong Cultural Club along with leaders of Tibetan Community in Toronto. There were also representatives from Taiwan.

Chinese Liaison officer Tsultrim Gyatso welcomed all the participants and introduced the purpose of hosting the event in Canada while sharing his thoughts on improving dialogue for the future. The gathering observed a minute’s silence to stand in solidarity and remember all the martyrs including the recent self-immolation in Ngaba.

Representative Ngodup Tsering said that flying from the USA to Canada on Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to share appreciation to all the Chinese friends who support Tibet. He spoke about the unbearable situation that Tibetans in Tibet are facing under the current regime of the Chinese Communist Party and further shared the sad news of another young Tibetan who self-immolated in Ngaba region. He also touched upon Hong Kong’s movement and the courage of youth, which he said should be learned by all.

Representative Ngodup Tsering said that the Middle Way Policy continues to remain the standing policy of the Central Tibetan Administration towards resolving the current issue of Tibet but noted the lack of positive response from the Chinese government. He urged the improvement of dialogue with Chinese people in Canada and to encourage more Chinese people to learn about Tibet-China relations.

The President of the Tibetan Canadian Cultural Center shared stories of Tibetan’s immigration to Canada and the united efforts of the Tibetan community to preserve the Tibetan language, culture, religion, and Tibetan identity.

Representative Ngodup Tsering with some of the 60 Chinese scholars, activists, and youth at the “Canada Sino-Tibet Dialogue” organized by the OOT at Canada Tibetan Culture Center in Toronto, Canada, 29 November 2019.

President of the Canada Federation for A Democratic China thanked the Office of Tibet for organizing such an event for the purpose of dialogue. He mentioned that it’s not only Tibetans and other minorities, but Han Chinese have also been targeted for discrimination. He urged everyone to stand in unity to fight back the CCP. The Canada HongKong link’s president, Gloria Fung, shared her experience of dialogue when His Holiness visited Canada and her engagement with Tibetans when she visited Dharamsala. She thinks Tibetan and Hong Kong people are facing the same fate and must be open to collaboration with Free Tibet, Free Hong Kong, and Free China.

Sheng Xue, Vice president of the Anti-communist League of Canada, also shared her story of a long friendship with Tibetan people and her experience of previous dialogues where His Holiness visited. She expressed her firm belief in respecting each other as human beings and moving forward beyond the boundaries of ethnic background.

Jane Lee, a founding member of New Hong Kong Culture Club, in a Tibetan dress, shared the current status of Hong Kong people. Zuo Siqian, a lady representing Taiwan, told the crowd that she cherishes the right she had in Taiwan after realizing all the sad stories of Tibetans and others. She also hoped that everyone enjoys freedom when the next gathering occurs.

The Canada Chinese organizations also made a joint statement that asked the CCP not to interfere in His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s reincarnation. The statement is originally written in Chinese and the translation can be read as follows:

“His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s great wisdom and compassion have won the recognition and respect of the entire world. His Middle Way policy has gained more and more understanding and support of Chinese from mainland China and overseas. Recently, the CCP stepped up to interfere with the reincarnation of His Holiness and stated that his reincarnation must be certified by them. The CCP’s statement not only met with resolute resistance from the Tibetans but also caused great anxiety and opposition in the Chinese world. Taking the opportunity of Sino-Tibet Dialogue event, Canadian Chinese organizations issued a statement and appealed to Chinese around the world to support:

“The reincarnation of the Dalai Lama is purely a religious right of Tibetans and decision rights of His Holiness himself. The Chinese authorities have no right to interfere.”

“The CCP, as an atheist and advocating violence, since occupying of Tibet in 1959, has continued to suppress and persecute Tibetans. Destruction of Tibetan culture history, Religious belief, Language, lifestyle, and environment has been carried out relentlessly. The CCP must stop all these practices.”

“The relations between Tibetans and Han Chinese have long history. The CCP continue to destroy and intensify ethnic issue has long term plan of creating the ethnic issue. We respect and support the Dalai Lama’s efforts to promote the development of Tibetan-Chinese relations. As His Holiness said: Although the official dialogue with the Chinese government stagnates, the dialogue between Tibetan and Chinese people are increasing.”

“We respect and support the “Middle Way” proposed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The future direction and positioning of Tibet should be determined by the Tibetans.”

“This joint statement was supported by Human Rights Watch in China, China Democratic Party Canadian committee, Canadian Hong Kong Link, New Hong Kong Cultural Club, Canadian Alliance supports Hong Kong (Preparatory Committee), Canada based Federation for a Democratic China, Movement for Democracy in China (Calgary), Vancouver Society of Freedom, Democracy & Human Rights for China, The Alliance of Guard of Canadian Values, and Canadian Coalition Against Communism so far and it will be open for others join to sign. Canada Sino-Tibet Dialogue concludes with interaction and performance of Tibetan dances and songs from ex-TIPA members in Canada.”

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