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Asanas for Rekindling the Digestive Fire


If you recall the episode from Ramayana, you will find that Ravan appeared to be invincible despite repeated attacks by Rama, and was killed only when Rama pierced his navel with an arrow. The navel corresponds to the seat of power in the body.

Our digestive system is governed by the Manipoorak Chakra, which is the storehouse of power for the body. It is therefore extremely essential to strengthen and rejuvenate it to ensure health and longevity.

In this article, Yogi Ashwini shows the asanas that will work wonders in conditions of indigestion, constipation, acidity, excessive wind, lack of appetite, diabetes, disorders of reproductive system and varicose veins.

Note: For all asanas you need to lie down on your back with legs together and straight. Arms maybe folded to keep palms below the head or placed by the sides with palms facing downward. Keep your eyes closed and internalise as it will help in keeping your awareness on the body part that is being worked upon. Maintain ujjai breathing and synchronise the movement with your breath. The effect of all these asanas becomes manifold when practiced with your Guru who channelizes energy into each asana.


Utthanpad (raised leg) – This asana strengthens the abdominal, pelvic and perineal muscles and massages the organs of the lower body. It is also beneficial in correcting prolapse. For this asana, inhale and raise your right leg as high as comfortable. Hold for a count of seven. Exhaling lower the leg. Repeat with left leg. Repeat the set seven times. Now raise both your legs to an angle of 90 degree from the ground. Hold for a count of seven. Exhaling lower the legs to angle of 60 degrees. Hold once again for a count of seven. Lower further to an angle of 30 degrees and hold for a count of seven. Place the legs on the floor. This completes one round, repeat seven times.


Chakrapad (leg circles) – Raise your right leg to an angle of 15 degrees. Now carve a circle with the leg without bending the knee. Make as big a circle as possible, inhaling for half circle and exhaling for the other half. Repeat seven times in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Repeat the same with left leg. Now, raise both the legs together, keeping them joint. Rotate them in a similar fashion seven times clockwise and seven times anti-clockwise. This asana tones up abdominal and spinal muscles, helps curb obesity and strengthens hip joints.


Padsanchalan (cycling) – While exhaling, fold the right leg to bring the knee close to the chest. Inhaling raise and straighten the leg completely stretching it forward. Repeat seven times in forward and backward direction. Repeat on left leg. Next, raise both legs and practice alternate cycling with both legs as if peddling a bicycle. Repeat seven times in forward and backward directions. Finally raise both legs and keeping them together make forward and backward cyclical movements.courtsey -yahoo India Style.