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67 Chinese intellectuals, experts and journalists express support for Middle Way Approach

Campaign initiator, Professor Ming Xia, City University of New York with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, May 2018. Photo/OHHDL

Published By Tenzin Saldon

Campaign initiator, Professor Ming Xia, City University of New York with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, May 2018. Photo/OHHDL

DHARAMSHALA: 67 Chinese scholars, activists, policy experts, journalists and individuals from across the globe have signed a Letter of Solidarity, expressing support for the Middle Way Approach of the Central Tibetan Administration and called on the Chinese government to resume dialogue with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The solidarity campaign titled ‘Chinese stand in support and solidarity with the Middle Way Approach’ was initiated by Professor Ming Xia, City University of New York on 20 May.

Chinese stand in support and solidarity with the Middle Way Approach 

“As Chinese people, we profoundly realize that the “Middle Way Approach” is a valuable proposal for solving the Tibet issue, promoting reconciliation between China and Tibet, and promoting democracy in China.

“We support this. We hope that the Chinese government will cherish the wisdom and courage shown by the Dalai Lama and give a sincere and sincere response, seize the fleeting historical opportunity, restore negotiation with the Dalai Lama and his representatives and strive for the Dalai Lama and Tibetans to return to Tibet as soon as possible to jointly establish a free and peaceful Tibet that enjoys genuine autonomy.

“The Middle Way Approach was proposed by His Holiness as a mutually beneficial approach for both the Chinese and the Tibetans to resolve the issue of Tibet. The policy does not seek independence for Tibet from China, but a genuine autonomy within the framework of the People’s Republic of China”.

Initiator Xia Ming, May 20, 2018 in New York


Chen Pokong, writer, political critic, New York, USA
Northridge, writer, studio founder
Qiu Jiajun, Doctor of Political Science, Associate Professor of Tongji University
Wu Yisan, Hong Kong, editor-in-chief of the Dictionary of Victims in 1957
Wang Ce, Spain, Chairman of China Republican Party
Pan Yongzhong, FDC, Germany
Yang Lifang, Italy, Catering industry
Zhang Lin, columnist, United States
Zhang William, businessman, Germany
Huang Yuanzhang, Calligrapher, Professor, Hong Kong
Li Jing, British Freedom Promotion Association
Huang Naiwen, Los Angeles, warehouse work
Chen Liqun, Volunteer, Vice Chairman of the China Democracy Party, New York, USA
Chen Kuide, Editor-in-Chief of China, USA
Qin Jin, Co-Chair of the China Democracy Forum, Chairman of the Democratic China Front, Australia
Sun Liyong, China Political and Religious Victims Association
Fang Zheng, American Democratic Education Foundation of San Francisco, USA
Wang Juntao, Chairman of the China Democracy Party
Su Xiaokang, writer, Washington, USA
Hu Ping (United States, Editor-in-Chief of Beijing Spring)
Wu Kershi, 89 student leader of democratic movement, political critic, Taiwan
Dan Wang, Director of China’s Think Tanks, 89 Student Leaders for Democratic Movement
Zhang Weiguo, Editor, California, USA
Ding Yifu, writer, Pennsylvania, USA
Li Jianglin, Independent Scholar, Pennsylvania, USA
Peng Tao, Doctor of Political Science, University of Muenster, Germany, Editor-in-Chief of Danish Journal of Eurasian Strategy Studies
Li Hengqing, Senior Auditor, Washington, DCJie Zhang, currently based in New York, U.S. News Agency, Boxun News Network
Wei Shi, President of Bowen News, Boxun News Network
Yuan Gu,
Lu Yi, Chairman, China Social Democratic Party, Australia
Feng Chongyi, Professor, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Chanda (Taiwan), on behalf of the “China Democratic Progressive Alliance”
Chen Jie, Associate Professor, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Western Australia, Australia
Jiang Yuan, Yuan Jiang, Engineer, United States
Cai Shiwen Shiwen Tsai, student at the American Law School
Xia Yeliang, Chairman, China Freedom League, Washington, USA
NAIKE LU, Atlanta, Georgia
Li Jing, British Liberal Arts Promotion Association Li Jing.
Gu Weiqun, PhD, Harvard University, former UN translator, New York, USA
Sheng Xue, writer, Sheng Xue, Canada
Joe R Zhao, New York, USA New York, USA
Li Jinjin, Lawyer, New York, USA
Jin Guo, Director, China Shandong Arctic Star Law Firm
Qin Weiping, China Young Students and Scholars Association (CYL)
Chen Yuchuang, Director, China Democracy Education Foundation, New York, USA
Qi Jiazhen, freelance writer, Australia, Qi Shi Cultural Foundation, Australia
Ling Zhenbao
Li Bin, China
Wang Liling, painter, UK
Zhang Jing, Founder of “Chinese Women’s Rights”, New York
Qu Ziqing
Edward Vii Xu,
Jason Dai,
Haifeng Jin
Rong Ye (Ye Rong, Ye Gongzi), China Democracy Party, Democrats, New York, USA
Liao Yiwu, exiled writer, winner of the German Book Industry Peace Prize
Xiao Wei, painter, New York, USA
Li Xiaotan, Professor of Taiwan University, Taiwan
Xia Xi, exiled rights lawyer, China
Li Yanyan, Professor of History, Pace University, New York, USA
Huang Huiyun, student, United States
Keqiang Lei, educated youth in the countryside in the former Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, now lives in the United States
Case Luo Jin, writer, Germany
Han Lianchao, Scholar, Washington, USA
Yang Jianli, Founder of Komeito Power, Washington, USA.