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Vipassana will assist value-based education among young minds to create a new India: Ram Nath Kovind


Vipassana will assist value-based education among young minds to create a new India: Ram Nath Kovind
Former President Ram Nath Kovind (File Photo/ANI). Image Credit: ANI

By  — Shyamal Sinha

Abhidhamma Event held at the Gautam Buddha University  former president Ram Nath Kovind stressed the importance of Vipassana meditation. The former president called for an introduction of Vipassana in the university curriculum and said that Vipassana will assist value-based education among young minds to create a new India.

He further asserted that it was on the basis of his own experience that he had suggested the introduction of Vipassana amongst the young minds of the university. While speaking at the Abhidhamma Event, Kovind said, “It is on the basis of my own experience and the benefit I received from the practice of Vipassana that I suggest the introduction of Vipassana amongst the trainees at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie and Gautam Buddha University, Noida.”

Speaking about his own experience, he said, “I am fortunate that I was introduced to the Dhamma by none other than revered Goenka ji. Through the practice of Vipassana meditation, he made me experience that the teaching of the Shakyamuni Buddha if applied in our daily life is the panacea for all the present-day problems”. He further added, “Here I would like to say that in the modern time, the contribution of Guru Ji in the systematic presentation and practice of the Dhamma has been significant. As a result, we see that the number of practitioners of Vipassana is increasing day by day, not only in India but throughout the World.”The Abhidhamma Divas mark the descent of the Buddha from the celestial domain of heaven to Sankassiya, presently known as Sankisa Basantapur, Farrukhabad district of Uttar Pradesh state of India.

It is depicted in the Buddhist texts that after teaching Abhidhamma to the Devas and his mother as witnesses, he descended here. The event is marked by two more celebrations, first, the Centenary year of Vipassana Acharya Dr Satya Narayan Goenka, and second the International Conference on ‘The Tenets of the Buddha Dhamma and Global Well-Being: Nature, Significance and Applicability’, from 28th – 30th October, 2023.Prof R. K. Sinha, Vice Chancellor, Gautam Buddha University in his welcome address focused on the significance of Uttar Pradesh as a cradle of Buddhism, a place where “the teachings of the Buddha” were evolved and nurtured.

He said, “UP is a land that resonates with the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha. Today, we stand in a state that holds profound significance in the history of Buddhism”. “Here, I would also like to draw your attention that out of the Eight Great Sacred Places in Buddhism, it is truly remarkable that four are situated right here in Uttar Pradesh. These sacred sites namely Sarnath, Kushinagar, Sankissa and Sravasti are not just geographic locations, they are repositories of spiritual enlightenment and historical significance,” he added.Special Invitee from Sri Lanka Venerable Kottepittiye Rahula Anunayaka Thero said “India has made a tremendous contribution to human knowledge with Buddha’s teaching and we all in the Buddhist world revered this holy land of the Buddha”.Ven Dhammapiya, Secretary General International Buddhist Confederation said “At a time the world is facing violence in the name of religion, the human mind is full of hatred, anger and causing pain resulting in mutual destruction, it is only Buddha’s teaching that will bring peace and stability in the society”.

He further said, “In the spirit of this heritage, it is indeed a pious occasion that we have gathered here, where the legacy of Gautam Buddha thrives. Dr Dhammapiuya added saying, “This event is even befitting and utmost auspicious as we are at Gautam Buddha University, situated in Gautam Buddha Nagar of the state, a place that embodies the teachings and principles of the Buddha”.

Dr Dhammapiya went on to say, “Today, we welcome our esteemed delegates from different parts of India along with eminent delegates from 14 countries across the world. It’s heartening to see such a diverse and international representation here on the campus.” The event was organised by The International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) and Gautam Buddha University (GBU) in association with the Ministry of Culture.

The programme was held to mark the International Abhidhamma Divas and celebrate the birth Centenary Year of the Vipassana Acharya, Dr Satya Narayan Goenka from 28th-30th October 2023 at the Gautam Buddha University, NOIDA on the full moon day of Sharada Purnima. The theme of the programme was, “The Tenets of the Buddha Dhamma and Global Well-Being: Nature, Significance, and Applicability.”

Former President of India Ram Nath Kovind was the special guest on the occasion, while the special guest list included Senior Professor Kotapitiye Rahula Anunayaka Thera, General Secretary and Anunayaka (Deputy Prelate) Supreme Sangha Council of the Kotte Chapter Sri Lanka.

Source  — (ANI)