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USAID Delegation Visits Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile



Deputy Speaker Dolma Tsering Teykhang .


Dharamshala: A delegation of USAID led by Anjali Kaur, USAID Asia Bureau’s Deputy Assistant Administrator visited the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile on Monday, 20 November and met with Speaker Khenpo Sonam Tenphel and Deputy Speaker Dolma Tsering Teykhang.

The Speaker spoke of USAID’s contribution to the preservation of Tibet’s culture, language, and religion, and looking after the welfare of the Tibetan diaspora which he said has been monumental, especially for the monastery-based programs in India.

Further speaking on the significance of donor funding for the Tibetan diaspora to sustain in exile, the Speaker explained the whole process of proposing and sanctioning the CTA’s budget and its high transparency.

The Deputy Speaker thanked USAID as one of the longest-serving partners of the CTA for their valuable contribution to the thriving Tibetan diaspora and explained the CTA’s prioritising of the budget to benefit the most vulnerable ones.

She further informed the USAID delegation that their contribution has been fully implemented at the grassroots levels of the Tibetan community and has provided significantly fruitful results.

The Deputy Speaker also briefed them on the programs of TPiE including citizen engagement, public outreach, Local Tibetan Assembly workshops, the World Parliamentarians Convention on Tibet, and others.

Thereafter, they discussed future programs and the agenda of the parliament and following that the delegates were presented with a TPiE strategic plan for them to have a better understanding.

-Report filed by Tibetan Parliamentary Secretariat

USAID delegation.

Speaker Khenpo Sonam Tenphel.