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Tibetan Association of Vermont Organises 19th Annual Tibet Festival



Tibetan Association of Vermont Organises 19th Annual Tibet Festival.


Washington DC: To promote awareness about the Tibetan freedom struggle, the Tibetan Association of Vermont recently hosted its 19th annual Tibet festival.

According to President Tsering Yangski, the primary goal of this yearly event is to highlight the unique Tibetan identity, emphasising the rich Tibetan religion and culture. Additionally, the festival aims to shed light on the current challenging situation in Tibet by distributing informative materials.

The festival featured various activities showcasing the diverse Tibetan performing arts and included the distribution of English-language documents about Tibet, facilitated by the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT). As part of the event coverage, President Tsering Yangski was interviewed by the local TV station, WCAX-TV.

Originally established by the Vermont Tibetan Association several years ago, the annual Tibet festival has evolved into a regular program. Beyond raising awareness for the Tibetan cause, the event also serves as a fundraising platform for the Tibetan Association. The successful fundraising is a collaborative effort involving the local community and members of the Tibetan Association.

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Food stalls at the annual Tibet festival.

A lively performance of traditional Tibetan dance.

Showcasing Tibetan performing arts.

Showcasing Tibetan performing arts.

Tibetan gorshey or circle dance by the local residents and attendees.