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Tibetan artist urges parliament to safeguard the dignity of the national flag

Tsewang Dorjee (in blue) distributing envelope to ministers and MPs outside the Tibetan Parliament in Exile(Phayul photo)

By Tsering Dhundup

 During the ongoing budget session of the Tibetan parliament in Exile on Wednesday, Tsewang Dorjee, a Thangka artist residing in Dharamshala, distributed documents to ministers and members of Parliament which proposed a bill aimed at safeguarding the dignity of the Tibetan National flag.

Dorjee’s advocacy for such legislation, which seeks to prevent any disrespect towards the Tibetan flag during official and unofficial ceremonies, had begun back to 2011.

Addressing the media, Dorjee stated, “The main reason for my advocacy is to urge people to refrain from using the Tibetan flag on t-shirts and products. I implore Tibetan parliamentarians to introduce a bill banning the commercial use of the Tibetan flag to protect its dignity.”

Highlighting a recent incident during the parliamentary session amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Dorjee expressed concern over some parliamentarians wearing masks with the Tibetan flag. “I immediately sent a letter to the parliament requesting that no one be allowed to wear masks featuring the Tibetan flag. Such actions constitute a violation of the sanctity of our flag,” Dorjee said, adding that the flag also carries religious significance and symbolisms.

Dorjee further stated, “ I am a thanka artist, and as His Holiness (the Dalai Lama) says, every Tibetan has responsibility, my responsibility is to safeguard the Tibetan culture”.

Beyond his efforts within the parliamentary sphere, Dorjee has also taken steps to raise awareness among younger generations. He disclosed, “I have visited numerous schools, advocating for and spreading awareness on the significance of upholding the Tibetan flag. I’ve urged children to educate their families about the importance of refraining from selling products bearing the Tibetan flag.”