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PM , UP Chief Minister likely to attend Buddhist conclave at Sarnath

By -Staff Reporter,New Delhi
Indian PM and UP Chief Minister: File Photo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav will attend the inaugural function of International Buddhist Conclave at Sarnath starting from October 2 to 4. Foreign delegates and Buddhists from over 40 countries will attend the conclave that will conclude at Bodh Gaya in Bihar.Both, the PM and CM, are expected to take part in the conclave which will be organised by the union ministry of tourism in association with the UP and Bihar governments, said regional tourism officer Ravindra Mishra adding that the two-day event will take place in Sarnath, while the conclave will conclude at Bodh Gaya on October 4. He said that efforts are on to complete the major work of Buddha theme park at Sarnath before the conclave.

With a view to showcase and project the Buddhist heritage and pilgrim sites, the ministry of tourism organises International Buddhist Conclave. Earlier, the conclave was organised in New Delhi and Bodhgaya (2004), Nalanda and Bodhgaya (2010), Varanasi and Bodhgaya (2012), and Bodhgaya and Varanasi (2014).The monks from south east countries will get together and discuss about buddhas teachings implements on day today life .This conclave will give something better environment to the people who is attached with buddhist culture.