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Japan Tibet Support Group Warns China Not to Interfere in Tibetan Religious Matters


Save Tibet Network Chairman Makino Seishu and Representative Dr Arya Tsewang Gyalpo. Photo: THJ

Tokyo: Japan Tibet Support Group members passed a five-point resolution today, in which, among other things, the members warned China not to interfere in Tibetan religious matters, including the selection of high Tibetan Lamas, especially the reincarnation of the 14th Dalai Lama. The resolution also called for the immediate withdrawal of the forced indoctrination of Tibetan children in Chinese boarding schools.

The Save Tibet Network and the Tibetan Community in Japan jointly organized the online Support Group`s annual meeting today in which ten major Support Groups and 28 people participated, including guest participants from the National and Local lawmakers and the Representative and staff of the Tibet House Japan.

Makino Seishu, former Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Save Tibet Network, welcomed the participants and gave a brief outline of the Tibet support network in Japan and his association with the Tibetan struggle for freedom and justice. In addition, he spoke on his meetings with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and how all the members should work and follow the non-violent path espoused by His Holiness.

Representative Dr Arya Tsewang Gyalpo thanked the organizers, lawmakers, and participants for their interest and support for the Tibet issue. He spoke on the office’s activities and briefed them about the cultural revolution-like atrocities and desecration of religious objects happening in Tibet. He appealed to the lawmakers and the members to be more vocal on the human rights violations, religious persecutions, and elimination of Tibetan identity taking place in Tibet. Ishikawa Akimasa and Nagao Takashi, current and former General Secretary of the Japan Parliament Support Group for Tibet, spoke on the importance of the Tibet issue as a struggle for freedom and justice through non-violence against a brutal communist regime. They assured their continued support and requested the support group members` cooperation in educating the Tibet issue to the Japanese public.

The representatives of the support groups spoke about the groups` activities and condemned the Chinese policy to eradicate Tibetan identity, religion, and culture. They expressed shock and outrage at China’s destruction of religious idols, prayer wheels, and flags and yet claiming authority over the selection of reincarnated Lamas.

Karma Choying, Secretary of the Department of Information and International Relations of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), thanked the organisers for inviting him to talk and expressed gratitude to the members for supporting the Tibetan cause.

Taguchi Yoshinori and Arisawa Yuma, Chairperson and Vice Chair of the Local Parliamentarian Support Group for Tibet expressed their support and willingness to work with the support group members to create more awareness about the Tibet issue.

In the end, the members resolved to pass a five-point resolution and make an effort to realize the contents of the resolutions as follows:

We, the representatives and members of Japan Tibet Support Group, on this date of February 12, 2023, resolve and issue the following statements:

  1. The Chinese communist party (CCP) leadership must stop human rights violations in Tibet and must let the Tibetans exercise their fundamental rights. 
  2. The CCP leadership must stop the forced indoctrination of Tibetan children in communist environment boarding schools.
  3. The CCP leadership must implement the minority law, where minority nationals are allowed complete freedom to practice and preserve their language.
  4. The CCP leadership, who does not believe in religion, should refrain from interfering in Tibetan religious matters and stop claiming authority in selecting the Dalai Lama`s reincarnation.
  5. We, the representatives and members of the Japan Tibet Support Group, will protest and never accept any Lamas or Dalai Lama appointed by the CCP leadership.

The resolution is hereby passed unanimously on this date.

-Report filed by the Office of Tibet, Japan-

Ishikawa Akimasa, General Secretary of the Japan Parliamentary Support Group for Tibet Photo: THJ

Nagao Takashi, former General Secretary of the Japan Parliamentary Support Group for Tibet Photo: THJ

Screenshot of the online participants. Photo: THJ

A glimpse of the meeting. Photo: THJ