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Dalai Lama concludes four-day teaching for Southeast Asians

Phayul Photo: Kunsang Gashon

By Navjeevan Sharma

Phayul Photo: Kunsang Gashon

DHARAMSHALA, September 1: “Self is singular and others is infinite and if one cultivates a Bodhichitta mind to eliminate all the sufferings, the negative impulse to harm others will automatically subside,” said His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the last day of the four-day teachings for Southeast Asians at Tsuglagkhang today.

Teaching on ‘Generating the mind for enlightenment’ or Bodhichitta, the Dalai Lama said, “Without developing a mindset of selflessness towards others, not only enlightenment is impossible. The present life will also be filled with unfortunate events if an individual acts with self-centered attitude.”

Citing its importance, the spiritual leader reminded that it is essential to generate Bodhichitta for both personal benefit of attaining enlightenment and for the welfare of all other sentient beings.

“Compassion and warm-heartedness toward others are the basis of happiness. Even to the non-believers and doubters, I urge you to practice compassion and warn-heartedness towards others as such mental attitude brings happiness,” the Dalai Lama said.

The 82-year-old spiritual leader also asked his devotees to feel fortunate to be born as humans with such intelligence. He said, “It is impossible to comprehend and study the concept of emptiness without the human intelligence. Animals can only show minimal signs of compassion, however, Bodhichitta can be only attained through human intelligence. Hence, it is important that we use it.”

His Holiness advised that if one practices Bodhichitta on daily basis from the time one wakes up, the rest of the day would be more blissful. He also said that generating the mind for enlightenment not only benefits this life but the next as well.

“So today in front of Buddha and all the Buddhist masters, we must pledge that we would follow the path taken by you with full effort to generate Bodhichitta because enlightenment cannot be attained without generating the mind for enlightenment,” the Dalai Lama said.

Before the photo session with the devotees from various countries from Southeast Asia, said that out of the sufferings, mental suffering is problematic, which can be diminished through cultivating warm-heartedness and urged them to be kind and compassionate human being.